Call Sign : SIBAVIA
Country: Russia

Facts about Sibaviatrans

Sibaviatrans (Joint Stock Company SIAT) was an airline based in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. It operated scheduled and charter passenger and cargo flights from various locations around Russia.
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Sibaviatrans - SIAT Russia DZMay 16, 2001 Poster timetable (Detail) (System) Click for
Sibaviatrans (5M) based in Russian Federation = Flag of Sibaviatrans Sibaviatrans (Joint Stock Company SIAT) is an airline based in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Sibaviatrans property auctioned at min. $1.85m = Sibaviatrans property auctioned at min. $1.
Sibaviatrans passengers stranded in airport for four days = 10/30/2007 6:38:00 PM A flight of Sibaviatrans from Abakan
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Buryatia Airlines and Sibaviatrans signed for two and three aircraft, respectively.
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Sibaviatrans, which included poor record keeping. Also, some maintenance engineers did not possess a valid license to work on Antonov 2 aircraft.
& Finance Description:An An-24 of the Sibaviatrans (SIAT) company at Krasnoyarsk airport.Location:Russia, Krasnoyarsk Date of event:29.09.2008Author:Vitaliy Bezrukih, STRKeywords:plane Source:RIA Novosti Original:DigitalIncoming date:29.09.
Sibaviatrans (5M/Krasnoyarsk) has been approved.
Sibaviatrans got Tu-134 in business-complete set. - The airline "Sibaviatrans" has got Tu-134 plane in business-complete set.
Sibaviatrans Airlines is a scheduled and charter airline of Russia based at Krasnoyarsk. .
Sibaviatrans; Moscow's Domodedovo Airlines; and Samara Airlines in the Volga district in the southeastern part of European Russia.
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Another Siberian air carrier, Sibaviatrans has leased three newest AN-140 aeroplanes of joint Russian-Ukrainian production. Two more AN-140s will go to the Republic of Buryatia.
RA-48113 (cn 1709) The plane in Sibaviatrans livery first time on A.Net. Prepariation for flight? Ex-Aviatrans (Moscow). Mi-8 Sibaviatrans (new livery) on the right. Unknown Mi-8 on the left.
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Sibaviatrans, SkyTeam, Star Alliance Lufthansa announced on Wednesday that it will begin codesharing with the Russian airline alliance AiRUnion, which is made up of the carriers Domodedovo Airlines,
70% in Omskavia and 100% in Sibaviatrans is controlled by brothers, Alexander and Boris Abramovich. The state holds 51% in KrasAir, half in Domodedovo and 46.5% in Samara.
Sibaviatrans, a firm they set up together in 1994. In Soviet times, the two were civil aviation engineers.
Sibaviatrans leads latest interest in An-140 (16 December 2002) Russian regional carrier Sibaviatrans has signed a letter of intent with Ilyushin Finance Company (IFC) and Ukrainian
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