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Country: Russia

Facts about Moskovia Airlines

Moskovia Airlines is an airline based in Zhukovsky, Moscow, Russia. It operates domestic and international passenger and cargo charters. Its main base is Moscow Zhukovsky Airport.
*Tickets für reguläre Flüge mit Moskovia Airlines kann man in eigenen Verkaufsbüros der Fluggesellschaft in Moskau und in allen Städten der Zielrichtungen erwerben.
Moskovia Airlines (Moscow-Zhukovsky) is getting ready to add its first Boeing 737-800, joining its 737-700 and Russian aircraft.
2010 - Moskovia Airlines (3R/Moscow Zhukovsky) has been taken to court by some of its aircraft lessors that have requested for the carrier to be declared bankrupt as a result of
Moskovia Airlines, although the four-engined aircraft was recently still carrying the colours of Kosmos Aviation Company.
22/03/2010 - Moskovia Airlines chooses AFI KLM E&M to maintain its CFM56-7 Engines of New B.
signature en décembre dernier, avec Moskovia Airlines, d'un contrat exclusif de 8 ans, portant sur la maintenance des moteurs CFM56-7 équipant les B.737-700/800 de la compagnie russe.
JSC Moskovia Airlines based in Moscow will sub-lease two Boeing 737-800s... Access to this content is denied because you are not logged in.
leasing to Moskovia Airlines in 2009-2012. The contract including firm order and option aircraft is valued at $1.8 billion. The deal was announced on July 1, 2008.