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Call Sign : DALAVIA
Country: Russia

Facts about Dalavia

and changed its name to Dalavia in January 1999. It is wholly owned by the Government.
Dalavia merupakan sebuah maskapai penerbangan yang berbasis di Khabarovsk, Rusia. Maskapai ini mengoperasikan penerbangan biasa dan charter di Rusia, dan penerbangan internasional menuju Asia.
The Russian Airline Dalavia was based at Khabarovsk, which is only 30 km from the Chinese border.
Russia's Dalavia airline in $170 mln plane deal - Dalavia, an airline based in Russia's Far East, has signed a $170 million deal to
Dalavia textures for the Boeing 757-200RR by AI Aardvark, substitute for the Tupolev Tu-214, registration #RA-64502.
Dalavia in USA? = Could someone, please, tell me where I can get Dalavia tickets in the United States?
Dalavia, Domodedovo Airlines and Interavia - that it may stop servicing them if they do not repay their debts.
Interavia, Dalavia and Omskavia, have already left hundreds of passengers stranded.
The web site indicates Dalavia will be operating weekly flights on Sundays between Anchorage and Petropavlovsk with a final stop in the airline's home city of Khabarovsk.
Dalavia Airlines in Khabarovsk also says they are going to fly to Anchorage via Kamchatka in 2008.
Dalavia Airlines Says It's All Systems Go For Kamchatka Air Service = Article Date: April 2007 It's a done deal.
Dalavia is an airline resident in the eastern-Russian metropolis Chabarowsk.
realised that Dalavia is based in Eastern Russia.
Russia's Far East carrier Dalavia has ceased operations citing fears of going into bankruptcy.
You'll recall we first told you about Dalavia Airlines picking up this route back in February, when the airline had announced a tentative plan to start flying in May, which would have been perfect for spring
Aeroflot is eyeing Dalavia to enter the promising market of the Far East, said Aeroflot GD Valery Okulov.
2010 as Dalavia is long gone (almost 3 years now) and most of their plane are just dumped in Khabarovsk.
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Dalavia, but said it would pursue the project either way.
Dalavia Far East Airways is a government-owned Russian airline with its main hub in the city of Khabarovsk.
RA-64507 Dalavia's Tu-214 is seen here on short final for runway 30.
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Russian carrier Dalavia Far East Airways is due to launch a weekly connection between Anchorage, Alaska, and the far east of Russia this summer.
thank the officials of DalAvia for bringing their second charter to the CNMI from Russia and to encourage them to continue bringing charter flights to our islands.
Airlines, Kras Air and Samara Airlines as well as Dalavia that have all suspended operations at the end of September. KMV - Kavkazskie Mineralnye Vody (KV/Mineralnye Vody), Orenburg Airlines (R2/Orenburg), Rossiya (FV/St.
Dalavia passengers are still waiting to be put on flights out of the Russian Far East city of Khabarovsk, after cancellations that began on September 18, the cash-stricken airline said on Monday.
Dalavia (the Khabarovsk region) is the first on Aeroflot’s list of potential acquisitions in the region, though the fleet of that airline fails to meet the regional demands, Okulov