Call Sign : DAGAL
Country: Russia

Facts about Dagestan Airlines

Dagestan Airlines (Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia) in January 2010 changed its name to South East Airlines and introduced this new brand.
Enterprise and was renamed Dagestan Airlines in 1996. It had 809 employees in March 2007.
2000 Nov 11, A Dagestan Airlines jet was hijacked. The Russian plane was forced to and in Israel with 58 people aboard. Pres. Barak, enroute to Washington, returned to handle the crises.
November 12, 2000 - A Dagestan Airlines flight to Moscow is hijacked by a man who demands to be taken to Tel Aviv, Israel; the apparently mentally disturbed man surrenders when the plane lands at
The Dagestan Airlines plane, a Tupolev 154, had been flying from Makhachkala, the Dagestan capital, to Moscow when it was hijacked late Saturday night.
Dagestan Airlines takes first Western aircraft (18 September 2009) Russian operator Dagestan Airlines has taken delivery of its first Western-built aircraft.
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