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Tuninter ATR-72 Crash on 06 Aug 2005? = How many of you were aware that the recordings from the block box of the Tuninter
Six Tuninter employee at the time of the disaster were found guilty by the court of Palermo.
The pilot and co-pilot of Tuninter Flight 1153, which crashed into the Mediterranean Sea in 2005, killing sixteen people, have each received ten-year jail sentences for the ditching of the flight.
Tunisian airline Tuninter's authorization to operate commercial flights in Italy.
السابع‎), formerly known as Tuninter (Arabic: الخطوط الدولية‎) is an airline based in Tunis, Tunisia and operates internal, short-distance flights as part of Tunisair.
Tuninter Flight 1153 was a Tuninter flight from Bari International Airport in Bari, Italy, to Djerba-Zarzis Airport in Djerba, Tunisia.
Tuninter ATR-72 Crash on 06 Aug 2005 Oct 20, '07 2:49 AM for everyone Did the Captain and Co-Pilot act in a professional
The twin-engined Tuninter ATR-72 turboprop aeroplane was flying from the Italian city of Bari to the Tunisian island of Djerba on 6 August 2005, when it ran out of fuel and
The Tuninter flight was carrying 39 people when it came down near Sicily.
Tuninter Flight 1153 is flying to the Tunisian resort island of Djerba. It's high above the Mediterranean when suddenly, its right engine fails.
Tuninter company is a Domestic company that offers Charter flights and began in Tunisia in 1991.
Tuninter ATR-72 TS-LBB, the aircraft involved in today's accident, is seen at Malta in this August, 2004 file photo.
26 Post contains links and images AIR MALTA: Tuninter is now banned from flying over Italy... Very sad news!!! http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/L07592551.
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Tuninter is a largely domestic airline that was established in 1991 as a subsidiary of Tunisair. Travel to cities in Italy and Libya are sometimes accommodated.
* Tuninter has the most nonstop flights between Sfax, TN and Tripoli, LY.
* Pilot commented on Jailing of the Tuninter ATR 72 ditching crew is a disgrace: The fuel g * anonymously commented on Passenger creates big debate at American
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View the full size photo! Tuninter TS-LBB ATR 72-202 Djerba/Zarzis - DTTJ Aircraft: Tuninter ATR 72-202 Location:
Tuninter Flight 1153 Ditches Into The Sea 1 of 5 CLOSE On 6 August 2005 Tuninter 1153, ran out of fuel and ditched into the ocean.
* Aircrash Investigations: Tuninter Flight 1153 Ditch at Sea 02:31 Aircrash Investigations: Tuninter Flight 1...153 Ditch at Sea Rated 4.
Tuninter ATR crash probe details scale of fuel-gauge error (08 September 2005) Italian investigators probing the Tuninter ATR 72 crash off Sicily have shown that an incorrectly-installed fuel-quantity
Tuninter Plane Crashes In Mediterranean Sea - MMM | August 7, 2005 – 10:39 am | An ATR-72, a twin-engine, propeller-driven aircraft, operated
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In Tunisia, Tuninter CEO Moncef Zouari told a news conference that 13 people died, three were missing and 23 survived.