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aboard a TransBrasil Airlines jetliner were injured when the Boeing 767 encountered severe turbulence near Puerto Rico, airline and government officials said.
Team Leader at Transbrasil Linhas Aereas SA * I.T.
TransBrasil was an international Brazilian airline which ceased operations in December 2001. Transbrasil was privately owned, by Omar Fontana and his relatives.
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Transbrasil airline; meat processing plant opens in Sao Paulo. * 1956: Chicken slaughtering begins.
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TransBrasil Airlines Car Rental in A$'s Car Hire TransBrasil Airlines
Transbrasil announced today that they have formed a broad strategic marketing alliance.
Transbrasil was unable to say whether any foreigners were on the flight.
dates: Transbrasil went bankrupt in 2001 (hence not flying since) and Vasp the same in early 2005 (after struggling all 2004), thus the information that there were 5 choices
unit with an attached oxygen generator to TransBrasil for transportation by air on a passenger-carrying flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Miami.
View the full size photo! TransBrasil PT-TAJ Boeing 767-283(ER) London Gatwick Airport - EGKK Aircraft: TransBrasil Boeing 767-283(ER) Location:
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in Transbrasil markings at top, right hand corner.
Varig retains Transbrasil codeshares for now (06 August 2001) Brazilian carrier Varig is to maintain all its current codeshare and ticketing commitments with troubled fellow Brazilian carrier
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Transbrasil's Boeing 767-283(ER) PT-TAI (c/n 24727/301) is seen here on a bleak day in October 1996 at Amsterdam Int'l Airport Schiphol, maybe not yet aware of Transbrasil's bleak future...
Brazil Entrepreneur Buys Transbrasil, To Invest $225 Million = Tuesday, January 22, 2002 SAO PAULO (Dow Jones News) - Entrepreneur Dilson Prado da Fonseca is
GATWICK-based Transbrasil has suspended UK services following the economic crisis in Brazil and increased competition on routes.