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Call Sign : SOSOLISO
Country: Nigeria

Facts about Sosoliso Airlines

Sosoliso Airlines was a scheduled, domestic, passenger airline. For much of its existence it had its head office in Ikeja, Lagos State.
Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 was a scheduled flight between the Nigerian cities of Abuja (ABV) and Port Harcourt (PHC).
Sosoliso Airlines is one of the few Nigerian airlines that publishes their fares online.
Sosoliso Airlines, one of Nigeria’s domestic airlines, is set to begin service to Accra, Ghana following a license granted to it by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.
Sosoliso Airlines (JAT - Yugoslav Airlines) Boeing 727-2H9/Adv London - Heathrow (LHR / EGLL) UK - England, 2001 Remark
Airport, Sosoliso Airlines — nigerianaviation @ 8:52 am There are reports that Makurdi Airport will be opened for civil operations.
Sosoliso Airlines Flights on Expedia - Sosoliso Airlines is a valued partner of Expedia, working to reduce the cost of flights with easy-to-use airfare
Sosoliso Airlines will reportedly soon take over a third MD-80, in this case an MD-83 taking up the reg. 5V-BII. No exact information about the c/n of the aircraft.
Sosoliso Airlines was established in 1994 and began domestic flights to six cities in 2000. There are no reports of previous crashes involving the airline.
Sosoliso Airlines DC-9 ferrying dozens of children home from a Jesuit boarding school for Christmas.
Sosoliso Airlines has been grounded with immediate effect, by the Nigerian President. The action follows in the wake of the Sosoliso accident in Port Harcourt.
A Sosoliso Airlines flight on its way from Abuja to the southern city of Port Harcourt crash landed at the airport during a storm on Saturday and burst into
Sosoliso Airlines Sosoliso Airlines was a scheduled, domestic, passenger airline based in Enugu in eastern Nigeria. See more at Wikipedia.org...
The Sosoliso Airlines flight on its way from the Nigerian capital, Abuja, to the southern oil city crashed on Saturday during a storm and burst into flames at the
The DC-9, owned by the private Sosoliso Airlines, was said to be carrying dozens of school pupils.
Sosoliso Airlines information = Known as: Sosoliso Airlines Name: Sosoliso Airlines Callsign: Sosoliso Country: Nigeria
Sosoliso Airlines DC-9 jet crashed at the Port Harcourt Airport on December 10, 2005, leaving 108 people on board dead, while Sokoto-bound ADC Airlines Boeing 737 crashed shortly after leaving
There is 1 crash record for Sosoliso Airlines in our database.
Sosoliso Airlines keeps alive the memories of victims of its December 10, 2005 aircrash by instituting an annual endowment fund for all the 107 passengers on board
The manifest of the Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 aircraft which crashed on Saturday at the Port Harcourt International Airport, Omagwa, Rivers State, was formally released on Sunday by the airlines’ management.
Nigerian-owned Sosoliso Airlines was established in 1994.
The privately-run Sosoliso Airlines, which owned the plane, went into operation as a domestic airline in 2000 and now flies to six Nigerian cities.
Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crashes in Nigeria. 2005 - Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 crashes in Nigeria. Other events that occurred in the year 2005...
Insurers of ADC, Bellview and Sosoliso Airlines has been given directives by the Senate committee on avaition to pay up compensation to the families of all victims of separate air crashes in
The DC-9, owned by the private Sosoliso Airlines, was carrying 75 school children, aged 12-16, home for the Christmas holidays, staff at the Loyola Jesuit school in Abuja said.