Call Sign : REEM AIR
Country: Kyrgyzstan

Facts about Reem Air

View the full size photo! Reem Air EX-046 Ilyushin IL-76T Eindhoven Welschap Airport/Air Base - EHEH Aircraft: Reem Air Ilyushin IL-76T
Reem Air information = Known as: Reem Air Name: Air Company Reem Air Country: Russian Federation IATA
The airline Reem Air was founded in in Kyrgyzstan. Reem Air's fleet comprises of No records found planes, including the following types .
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Reem Air Ilyushin IL-76T Rolf Wallner EX-062 is being loaded with 40 tons of relief goods for the earthquake victims in Pakistan.
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with Kyrgyzstan-based Reem Air and carrying arms for Rwanda, took off from Tuzla international airport in December 2004 is not true, said Enver Jukanovic, recently appointed director of Tuzla airport.
REEM AIR Ilyushin IL76T EX-039 is loaded with telecom equipment in the evening of 7 April 2005. A cargo charter flight to Tblisi, Georgia.
REEM AIR Ilyushin IL76T EX-054 on the cargo apron 16 April 2005. A cargo charter flight to Bagdad, Iraq.