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Country: Guatemala

Facts about RACSA

RACSA airlines is a private passenger and cargo airline based in Guatemala La Aurora International Airport. It mainly operates charter flights throughout the country.
For example, Racsa customrs with a 1Mb connection pay us$26 monthly, while ICE customers pay us$25.
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The company known as RACSA said it invested $745,000 to protect its customers from unwanted e-mails and Internet viruses.
, known as RACSA, says it is putting new e-mail filters on its servers to eliminate 50 percent of unwanted e-mail.
RACSA Dial-Up:RACSA’s dial-up Internet is an affordable solution for many in Costa Rica.
with RACSA, and to be able to offer these excellent rates", said Informática president Charles Stratford.
RACSA is preparing itself for upcoming competition by upgrading the scale and geographical scope of its network, as well as launching new value-added
Cards are being sold at the central office of RACSA in San José, at Banco Nacional in San José, IFSA-Kodak stores, Multiservicios Facsímil in Ciudad Colón, Primercados, Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz,
Currently RACSA only provides the following condition of use for the wireless service, that is: The service is provided to current RACSA customers of the services with and
After signing a contract with Racsa, for a fee of 100 colones per transaction, businesses will be able to check people's immigration status based on first name, last name, birth date,
Alberto Bermúdez, RACSA’s general manage, says the state institution will offer connections up to 1GB and at an economical price, starting at us$30 a month for the basic service.
RACSA Wren RACSA Wren, founded in 2005, is a full metal fabricator of precision metal products.