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Call Sign : PLUNA
Country: Uruguay

Facts about PLUNA

PLUNA flew 2,600 passengers in their first fiscal year, a huge success for that era. It also flew 20,000 pieces of mail and 70,000 newspapers.
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Pluna of UruguayThis year the airline’s aim is to "transform PLUNA, making her the main access for European and North American travellers to Uruguay".
We can also tell you PLUNA is a * Business Operation * Aircraft Owner * Employer
The 1940s saw PLUNA's expansion into the international field, with the airline's first regular service to Brazil in December, 1947, which linked the cities of Montevideo and Punta del
Also added to PLUNA's network were Santa Cruz in Bolivia, as well as the Argentine destinations of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba. The airline was nationalised in 1951.
Aerolíneas Pluna cuenta con vuelos nacionales y vuelos internacionales con tarifas muy convenientes. Despegar.
com, você soma pontos no programa Pluna Smiles e milhas Decolar.com. Decolar.
nuevos por PLUNA directamente con la fábrica Vickers.
Also added to PLUNA's network were Santa Cruz in Bolivia, as well as the Argentine destinations of Buenos Aires, Rosario and Córdoba.
por Pluna y con reserva confirmada (HK).
remaining 25% equity interest in Pluna is held, indirectly, by the Government of Uruguay.
Pluna is the only non- Argentina airline operating from Aeroparque, Buenos Aires domestic city airport (as opposed to Ezeiza international 40 minutes away from downtown).
concretarse Pluna coloque en Chile dos aeronaves CRJ900NG con capacidad para 90 pasajeros, los cuales estarían destinados exclusivamente a la operación doméstica.
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Pluna is Uruguay's flagship airline and is headquartered in Montevideo.
Pluna (PU) based in Uruguay = Flag of Pluna PLUNA (Primeras L??neas Uruguayas de Navegaci??n A??rea) is Uruguay's national airline and is based in
The Uruguayan airline, Pluna Lineas Uruguayas Aéreas, was founded on 20th November 1936 in Montevideo by 2 brothers. The airline had immediate success and was nationalised in 1951.
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Since August 1990 until 1991 as a Board Adviser of PLUNA in the area of aeronautical policies and relationships with the industry. Corporate Lawyer and member of the company’s Legal Board.
Pluna of Uruguay Orders Three Bombardier CRJ900 NextGen Jetliners = 2010-04-15 *
Uruguay's Pluna has been blocked from launching new routes to the country by the Argentinean government, which sees Pluna as stealing from Aerolineas Argentinas passengers that are
In just 18 months Uruguay's Pluna has been transformed into a completely different carrier.
Pluna is the national airline of Uruguay, serving regional South American routes .
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chargin of Pluna) announced plans for an airline offshoot with domestic aspirations.