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Call Sign : OZARK
Country: United States

Facts about Ozark Air Lines

Ozark Air Lines was a commercial airline that operated in the United States from 1950 until 1986, when it was purchased by Trans World Airlines.
Ozark Air Lines operated from September 26, 1950 through 1986 at which time TWA acquired Ozark.
Ozark Air Lines Flight 650 was a regularly scheduled flight between Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City, Iowa, and Sioux Falls Regional Airport in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Ozark Air Lines' origins date back to September 1943 when it was founded in Springfield, Missouri, and it began operations in January 1945 with service between Springfield and St.
Ozark Air Lines began flight operations in September 1950 with only one passenger using a DC-3 aircraft.
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The reformed Ozark Air Lines received its operating certificate on February 11, 2000, and began service 10 days later, from Columbia Regional Airport to Dallas/Fort Worth International
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nascent Ozark Air Lines needed help in financing such airport improvements as a new apron and site preparation for what would become a spotless, all-white 22,000-square-foot hangar plus offices.
By early 1951, Ozark Air Lines was rapidly expanding, reaching out to ten states.
Airline Timetables - Ozark Air Lines - Rochester City Edition - Effective - 26 October 1980.
Ozark Air Lines is a new entrant full service jet carrier which received its Part 121 operating certificate February 11, 2000.