Country: Nauru

Facts about Our Airline

Our Airline (formerly known as Air Nauru) is the national airline of the Republic of Nauru. It operates scheduled international services to other Pacific islands and Australia.
Our Airline was established as Air Nauru and started operations on 14 February 1970 with an experimental service between Nauru and Brisbane, using a chartered Dassault Falcon
Airline, and in June 2006 Our Airline took delivery of a new Boeing 737-300 aircraft, purchased with financial support from the Government of Taiwan.
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The operations of Our Airline were originally undertaken by a Republic of Nauru entity within the government Department of Island Development and Industry.
When our airline receives a new Boeing, a team is selected to go to Everett for three days and give it a test flight.
Our Airline will now fly all Norfolk Air scheduled services, said Norfolk’s chief executive on Tuesday.
‘We will launch our airline only when it is commercially viable’ - We plan to launch services in the middle of next year and look to operate between
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Our Airline, formerly known as Air Nauru, is the National Carrier of the Republic of Nauru.
Our AirlineNauru first looked at establishing her own airline at the granting of independence in 1968.