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Oceanic Airlines (sometimes called Oceanic Airways) is a fictional airline used in several films and television programs.
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Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 was a scheduled flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California, United States, on a Boeing 777 owned by Oceanic Airlines.
Oceanic Airlines is a fictional airline company used in several television shows and movies, most prominantly Lost.
Oceanic AirlinesThis is a featured page = Oceanic Airlines LogoOverview: Oceanic Airlines is the airline of the plane that crashed on the
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Destruction, when Oceanic Airlines Flight 760 is struck by lightning. Considering what they say about lightning hitting the same place twice…or three times…or…well, you get the idea.
Yes, you read that headline right: an Oceanic Airlines plane is going to crash on Wisteria Lane.
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Oceanic Airlines page on Wikipedia, which is thriving right now). One day, www.oceanic-air.com popped onto the Net, which is, ostensibly, their corporate site.
Jump to: navigation, searchThe Oceanic Airlines logo from the ABC television series Lost. The Oceanic Airlines logo from the ABC television series Lost.
Oceanic Airlines Flight 343 a Boeing 747-200 takes off from Athens bound for Washington Dulles.
Oceanic Airlines, is the airline that brought the survivors onto the Lost Isand. The flight was 815, Sydney bound directly for LAX.
Decker, the representative of Oceanic Airlines said that the plane crashed off shore the island of Membata. There, Kate gave birth to Aaron.
it was changed from Trans Oceanic Airlines which existed in 50s, they were inspired by this airline.
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Oceanic Airlines is one of Americas oldest and most reliable airline with over 25 years of service and hundreds of thousands of flying services aswell as one
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survivors of the Oceanic airlines flight? Does this pretty much confirm that widmore is in charge of oceani...
It seems that Oceanic Airlines has been unable to weather the financial difficulties it’s endured since Flight 815 disappeared.
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Sam Thomas, a former employee of fictional Oceanic Airlines who is discouraged by the lack of progress in the search for Oceanic flight 815.
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Oceanic Airlines Jet: I'd rather be lost with Jin I'd rather be lost with Sun I'd rather be lost with Sun Oceanic Airlines Jet: I'd rather be
The web site for Oceanic Airlines has some unexpected surprises.