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Malta Air Charter Company Limited was an airline based in Malta. It operated mainly helicopter services and domestic passenger shuttles between the Maltese Islands.
Malta Air Charter (R5) based in Malta = Flag of Malta Air Charter Jordan Aviation is an airline based in Amman, Jordan.
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The flights previously operated by Malta Air Charter on behalf of Air Malta are now operated by HELICOPTEROS Del SURESTE S.
Malta Air Charter便を他の航空会社の便と比較することができます。 All Nippon Airways 便, Japan Airlines 便, Korean Air 便, Air China 便 スカイスキャナーで格安便 を探す フライト検索 出発地:リストから選択 JP 目的地:リストから選択 出発地:国、都市、空港を入力 目的地:国、都市、空港を入力 往路: 復路: 片道 12歳以上 12歳未満
Malta Air Charter Company information = Known as: Malta Air Charter Company Name: Malta Air Charter Company Limited Callsign: Malta Charter
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* Malta Air Charter Subsidiary of Air Malta - Charter Airline * OrSun Flying Services - Charter Airline * Turkish Airlines (THY) - Major
The 1994 Malta Air Charter cost a non-resident under 60 at today’s prices e71 whereas it was only e30 for a resident or elderly person.
Mil 8 of Heli Air leased by Malta Air Charter Lifting off rwy 24 on its way on scheduled flight to Gozo, 07/07/04, Canon EOS 300D + Canon 75 - 300mm I-LING.
Malta Air Charter also on occasion participated by sending a Mi-8 on static display.
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Malta Air Charter Company Limited was an airline based in Malta.
Air Malta has another subsidiary called Malta Air Charter which operates a daily schedule of helicopter airlink and sightseeing flights over Malta and Gozo (the smaller neighbouring island).
Malta Air Charter operated with a fleet of 2 Russian built 26-seater MI-8 helicopters that have served the company well providing certain cost advantages in the rentals of the aircraft and crews.