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Call Sign : KIWI AIR
Country: United States

Facts about Kiwi International Air Lines

* KIWI International Air Lines, a WebEx WebOffice website for former Kiwi International employees Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.
KIWI INTERNATIONAL AIR LINES offers roundtrip fare of $1 plus cost of one-way ticket. Must be purchased by midnight tonight for travel by April 24.
- TRACY KOLODY | September 14, 1994 Kiwi International Air Lines is coming to Fort Lauderdale.
If Kiwi International Air Lines can stay financially afloat in the competitive airline industry, other regional carriers may also start up, some airline specialists say.
NEW YORK - Kiwi International Air Lines is being wooed by several suitors intent on purchasing the closely-held carrier, with one claiming that it is on the verge of a deal.
Kiwi International Air Lines says it's alive and well, but others say the airline named after a flightless bird may soon be flightless itself.
Kiwi International Air Lines said Tuesday that it was grounding itself and will shut down next week if it doesn't find an investor to keep it running through bankruptcy
Upstart Kiwi International Air Lines once soared on the happy illusion that employee owners ran the company - and when the airline took a dive, employee ownership got the blame.
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Kiwi International Air Lines' four 727s, citing some 9 pages of safety violations. It was the third time the carrier has been shut down since its founding in 1992.