Call Sign : KALITTA
Country: United States

Facts about Kalitta Charters

Kalitta Charters operates a fleet of over 25 aircraft, with a response time as little as 45 minutes.
Kalitta Charters is an American charter airline based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA.
Kalitta Charters is a American charter airline based in Ypsilanti, Michigan.
Kalitta Charters is honored to be the sole company that has a contract with the government to fly the remains of soldiers to their final resting places.
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Remarks: Kalitta Charters II B727 arrived from SDF with a load of horses on Jul 8th, operating for HE Sutton Forwarding. Here it is pictured on the OPF ramp two days later.
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announced that Kalitta Charters selected AVCON Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Butler National Corporation, to provide the turn-key RVSM solution for its fleet of 12 Learjet 20
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KALITTA CHARTERS, LEAR JET 25, N76CK, at JFK, New York, USA = KALITTA CHARTERS, LEAR JET 25, N76CK, at JFK, New York, USA. Copyright Tom Turner.
Kalitta Charters and Kalitta Motorsports, as well as the American Legion Post 274 in Oscoda, Mich.
* Notable: President of Kalitta Charters; Earned his Lear jet license at age 21; Former USAC National Sprint Car champion (1994) Send Print Related News
Kalitta Charters provides a direct connection between the largest southern port and the largest northern port in the nation, a natural progression in the trade and logistics industry in this
KALITTA CHARTERS LLC / Fan Jet Falcon / N950RA / Waiting for cargo on the ramp at Gateway / February 2003 Click here to return to: IWA Photos
The empty cargo hold of Kalitta Charters Falcon 20.