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Call Sign : INDO LINES
Country: Indonesia

Facts about Indonesian Airlines

Indonesian Airlines (PT Indonesian Airlines Av iapatria) was an airline based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It operated domestic services. Indonesianairlines.
^ a b "EU to audit Indonesian airlines with focus on safety, procedures 5. ^ "List of airlines banned within the EU".
The banning of the Indonesian airlines is likely in response to the 2007 New Year's Day Adam Air crash and the March Garuda crash in Yogyakarta.
View the full size photo! Indonesian Airlines D-ABXF Boeing 737-330 Boston General Edward Lawrence Logan Int'l Airport - KBOS Aircraft: Indonesian Airlines Boeing 737-330
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Garuda Indonesian Airlines is the national airlines of Indonesia, based in Jakarta. January 26, 1949 is recognized as this airline’s founding date.
EU ban on Indonesian airlines remains in place = EU ban on Indonesian airlines remains in place By Stéphane Hanot l eTN Asia | Dec
Three Indonesian airlines banned from flying to Europe because of safety concerns are expected to be granted rights to fly the popular Perth-Bali route, sparking another price war.
Indonesian ambassador to the EU, who said Indonesian airlines were safe and he hoped the EU would rethink its decision at a meeting of air safety experts in October.
Indonesian airlines have been hit by a string of accidents this year, leading the U.S.
Indonesian airlines are on the EU's black list of airlines.
51 Indonesian airlines from landing on its runways in 2007, citing lax safety standards.
I compared age of major Indonesian airlines and came up with the following statistics of indonesian aircraft carriers average age of the fleet: Garuda Indonesia - Age 10 years Lion Air - Age
Two Indonesian airlines and one carrier from Gabon will be able to fly to Europe following the latest update of the European Commission's banned airline list on July 7.
Indonesian airlines were still on the EU blacklist. Not ...
safety, three Indonesian airlines have scores above the level of the Irish lowcost carrier RyanAir.
Indonesian Airlines information = Known as: Indonesian Airlines Name: PT Indonesian Airlines Av iapatria Callsign: Indo Lines
"They said Indonesian airlines had been on the right track and they were happy to see that we are really taking seriously (the need) to meet higher standards.
Flight warnings against Indonesian Airlines from The United States is a setback for Garuda Airline.
not to use Indonesian airlines on transit routes, such as between Jakarta and the island of Bali.
All Indonesian airlines including national carrier Garuda will be banned from flying to the European Union within a week, the European Commission said on Thursday, updating a ''blacklist'' of carriers deemed unsafe.
Indonesian airlines "have used a lot of the older narrow-body equipment for their expansion. This is very expensive; to replace their fleets is going to take a significant investment.
Indonesian airlines were safe and he hoped the EU would rethink its decision at a meeting of air safety experts in October.
* Siva Govindasamy "EU may lift ban on four Indonesian airlines in July" – Flight International, June 23, 2009 * Eny Wulandari "EU to lift ban against four local
Indonesian airlines from operating in its member states, citing the airlines' safety record. The move is likely to hurt Indonesia's tourism industry.