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Country: Taiwan

Facts about Formosa Airlines

It was the fourth accident involving a Formosa Airlines Dornier 228 in four years, the second on Matsu.
Formosa Airlines (traditional Chinese: 國華航空) was an airline based in Taiwan.
According to experts, Formosa Airlines has the worst flight safety record of local airlines with six major air disasters over the last 10 years.
There are 2 crash records for Formosa Airlines in our database.
Formosa Airlines Dornier 228-212; at sea near Orchid Island, Taiwan: The aircraft crashed into the sea during an approach in heavy
1995, and acquired one-third of Formosa Airlines in 1996. Hong Kong, for decades a colony leased by Great Britain, reverted to Chinese ownership in 1997.
with Formosa Airlines in 1999; it is a subsidiary of China Airlines.
Formosa Airlines / Manderin Airlines / Alliance Airlines VH-FKW. F.27.050. Formosa Airlines / Manderin Airlines / Alliance Airlines VH-FKX. F.27.050.
merger of Formosa Airlines with Mandarin Airlines, both China Airlines subsidiaries.
Formosa Airlines was an airline based in Taiwan. History Formosa Airlines was established in 1987.
After the merger of Formosa Airlines, on year 2000, Mandarin Airlines undertook further full-scale quality certification process and successfully awarded with ISO-9002 certificate by SGS Yarsley International Certification
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