Country: United States

Aircraft types : ATR 72

Facts about Executive Airlines

Executive Airlines operates an extensive inter-island network in the Caribbean and to the Bahamas and the USA in American Eagle colors. Its main base is Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, San Juan.
Executive Airlines is an airline based in Spain providing business aviation services.
View the full size photo! Executive Airlines EC-KTV Gulfstream G150 Barcelona El Prat - LEBL Aircraft: Executive Airlines Gulfstream G150 Location:
There is 1 crash record for Executive Airlines in our database.
sell Executive Airlines to the Puerto Rican businessman who founded the airline more than 20 years ago.
for a $700,000 fine against Puerto Rico-based Executive Airlines for allegedly operating eight of its airplanes in violation of federal aviation regulations.
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Executive Airlines an impeccable safety record during our 27 years of operating aircraft charter flights.
Executive Airlines will create an individual flight schedule that you control providing complete travel flexibility regardless of changing arrival or departure times.
Texas, and Executive Airlines based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the operation of passenger air service as regional affiliates of American Airlines.
DownEast Executive Airlines began operations in 2007, flying charter flights with a Cessna 421 Golden Eagle and Piper Cheyenne Turbo Prop.
Runway overrun, Executive Airlines (doing business as American Eagle) Flight 5401, Avions de Transport Regional 72-212, N438AT, San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 9, 2004 Micro summary:
Executive Airlines is one of companies leaders in corporate aviation in Europe.
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Executive Airlines Jobs Situation For Pilots last update Current Situation: Currently 6 airplanes on sale. Firing personel.
Executive Airlines established a Florida division in 1964 to balance the seasonal nature of its operation in New England.