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Call Sign : COSMIC AIR
Country: Nepal

Facts about Cosmic Air

Cosmic Air International is one of the leading Travel Agent in Bangladesh which established in 1999 at the heart of the Dhaka City.
Cosmic Air was an airline based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It operated scheduled domestic and international services out of Kathmandu Airport, aiming at foreign tourists.
Cosmic Air, also considered as “The Most Versatile Leading Airline in Nepal", a private carrier operating domestic in Nepal and international routes in South Asian countries, operating the Two 105 - setter
Cosmic Air Conditioning & Heating is based out of Channelview, Texas. We have been serving the Houston area for over 25 years.
Cosmic Air of Nepal . Cosmic Air provides domestic and international air services from its base in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Remarks: After flying with Cosmic Air in Nepal for some years this Saab 340 has returned to Linköping where it was built in 1986.
Cosmic Air Airlines Flights: For All Your Airfare Needs = Find Your Cosmic Air Flights - Cosmic Air Flights
COSMIC AIR COMPRESSOR OIL is a quality product of specially developed for use in reciprocating types air compressor.
Ltd, Cosmic Air is a low cost Nepal budget airline operating both scheduled domestic as well as international flights within Nepal.
Cosmic Air is no more.
From previous comments on here I gather that Cosmic Air is out of business, or has at least stopped all international flights.
Cosmic Air (upside down, print at top) And this one is upside down again.
Cosmic Air started as a domestic airline based in Kathmandu, Nepal, with its operations from 1997 with two MI 17 Helicopters.
Cosmic Air information = Known as: Cosmic Air Name: Cosmic Air PVT. Ltd.
Cosmic aircraft : In trouble Cosmic aircraft : In trouble Last week, Cosmic Air - another
Cosmic Air, the leading private airline of Nepal, has added two more flights to Dhaka, connecting Bangladesh five times a week from June 6.
Cosmic Air (F5) based in Nepal = Flag of Cosmic Air Cosmic Air is an airline based in Kathmandu, Nepal.
(F5) Cosmic Air Information - Carrier Name: (F5) Cosmic Air Carrier Logo:
Flight to uncertainty: Cosmic Air lands into trouble once again Once dubbed as the success story of Nepali aviation sector, the Cosmic Air—one of the leading private sector airlines of the country -
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Cosmic Air, creada en el 1997, es una compañia aérea nepalese con sede en Kathmandu, Nepal. Opera vuelos dométicos en Nepal e internacionales en el norte de la India por cuenta de las industrias turísticas.
NEPALESE airlines Cosmic Air plans to introduce flights to a number of Indian cities from Kathmandu as part of its strategy to earn 50 per cent of its revenues from Indian operations.
Of the two, the possibility of Nepal's Cosmic Air, which now flies to remote areas in the himalayan kingdom, was very positive and it was likely to operate by July second week with three