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Call Sign : FLYER
Country: United Kingdom

Facts about CityFlyer Express

CityFlyer Express was an independent, short haul regional airline based at London Gatwick Airport in England.
CityFlyer Express Flight 8106 was a BAe 146 aircraft hijacked on a flight from Zürich Airport to London Gatwick Airport on 17 June 2000.
CityFlyer Express was a short haul regional airline based in United Kingdom.
CityFlyer Express is a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Airways. The airline was formed in 1991 after the collapse of Air Europe Express.
British Airways Plc and CityFlyer Express Limited: A report on the proposed merger = Summary of report (html format) Full text (pdf format)
The acquisition of CityFlyer Express for £75 million will secure the future of one of British Airways` most successful franchise partners.
British Airways subsidiary, CityFlyer Express, has today confirmed an order for six brand new Avro RJ100 jets and has taken options on six RJX 100 aircraft.
British Airways subsidiary CityFlyer Express has placed a follow-on order for six more Avro RJ100 jets and taken options on six of BAE Systems new Avro RJX100 aircraft.
- Cityflyer Express Ltd v Commission of the European Communities.
Brad Burgess, Managing Director of CityFlyer Express, praised the crew for their handling of the situation.
CityFlyer Express is an operator of short-haul flights to cities within the UK and Europe from Gatwick Airport.
a franchise partner, Cityflyer Express, for $:75 million, or $124 million, to expand its position at London's Gatwick airport.
buy CityFlyer Express, based at London's Gatwick airport, for 75 million pounds ($124 million). In a statement, British Air (BAY-LS, BAB) /quotes/comstock/13*!bab/quotes/nls/bab (BAB 26.73, +0.
BA franchise CityFlyer Express closed JOLs on six ... an unprecedented decline in aircraft traffic and British Airways? ... Commerzbank estimates that BA will need to ...
the airline, CityFlyer Express, to British Airways for �75m.