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Country: Serbia

Facts about Centavia

Centavia (Central European Aviation) was a short-lived Serbian low cost airline.
Is there any kind of source for Centavia destinations and date of their commencement, as I only managed to find company's website of questionable reliability? I know for a fact that Centavia does not
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carrier Centavia (short for Central European Aviation). The Belgrade-based airline will take delivery of the first aircraft this month, while the second aircraft will follow in July.
Centavia is led by Mr. Predrag Vujovic, former Chief Executive of JAT, Serbia's national carrier.
Centavia Boney, 17, who sings in church and is used to being in front of a crowd, said she was nervous.
As far as I know, Centavia intends to qualify for the latter soon.
Centavia expect to begin flying with 2 aircraft during the summer 2006 season. They will initially operate some summer routes to Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Spain.
Centavia Williams, daughter of Ms. Cecelia Hargrove and Mr. Zephian Williams, is a senior at Greer High School. She was escorted by Aaron Thomas.
Centavia (Central European Aviation) will on July 8 have its maiden flight on a BAE146. The first destination is Corfu. By mid July ... (more...
Centavia - Central European Aviation is the first Serbian low-cost airline. Currently conducting charter flights to Greece, Turkey, Egypt.
Serbian start-up carrier Centavia has been forced to suspend all operations and return both of its aircraft to their lessor, days after being blocked from operating services to Montenegro
domestic low-cost airline, Centavia (Central European Airlines) has filed for a license.
Belgrade-based Centavia is planning to begin flying this summer to holiday destinations in Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Spain.