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Facts about Barents AirLink

Barents AirLink is an airline based in Sweden. It was established as Nordkalottflyg in 1974 and operates scheduled domestic and international services.
Barents AirLink is a small domestic airline from Lulea in Sweden. Barents AirLink is based in Sweden.
Barents AirLink merupakan sebuah maskapai penerbangan yang berbasis di Swedia. Maskapai ini didirikan dengan nama Nordkalottflyg pada 1974 dan mengoperasikan penerbangan domestik dan internasional.
The Swedish airliner Barents Airlink got permission from Russian aviation authorities to open flights between Kirkenes and Murmansk.
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Barents AirLink, fondata nel 1974 con il nome di Nordkalottflyg, è una compagnia aerea svedese con sede a Luleå, Svezia.
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Barents AirLink information = Known as: Barents AirLink Name: Nordkalottflyg AB Callsign: Nordflight Country: Sweden
Barents AirLink便を他の航空会社の便と比較することができます。 All Nippon Airways 便, Japan Airlines 便, Korean Air 便, Air China 便 Barents AirLink便 - 国 -
Barents AirLink, fundada en el 1974 con el nombre de Nordkalottflyg, es una compañia aérea Sueca con sede en Luleå, Suecia.
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