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Country: Australia

Facts about Aus-Air

Aus-Air was established in 1956 at Melbourne's Moorabbin Airport, which is the company's head office. Aus-Air is a fully independent airline and a privately owned company.
Aus-Air (Australian Air Charterers Pty Ltd) was an airline based in Melbourne, Australia.
The superb Aus-Air fleet comprises twin and single engine aircraft.
Fly with Aus-Air - Spirit of Adventure = As a trusted and local business Aus-Air Australia has the expertise to deliver a birdÂ’s eye approach for
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The Aus-Air website (which as of August 2007 is for some reason still accessible) states that in the latter-1990s it had 50 employees.
Aus-Air information = Known as: Aus-Air Name: Aus-Air (Australian Air Charterers Pty Ltd.