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Call Sign : ATLAS BLUE
Country: Morocco

Facts about Atlas Blue

Atlas Blue was a low-cost airline with its head office on the grounds of Marrakech-Menara Airport in Marrakech, Morocco, operating out of Menara International Airport.
Atlas Blue is a low-cost airline based in Marrakech, Morocco.
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Atlas Blue is a relatively new Moroccan airline owned by Royal Air Maroc and based at the Ménara Airport in Marrakech.
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Atlas Blue is a low cost Moroccan airline based in Marrakech and owned by Royal Air Maroc.
Atlas Blue information = Known as: Atlas Blue Name: Atlas Blue Country: Morocco IATA Code: 8A
ATLAS BLUE customer review : 24 October 2009 by M Larsson Customer Rating : 2/5 2 Star Rating LGW-Marrakech.
maroc merged atlas blue website with RAM's, and all the fleet of atlas blue that was painted in "Royal Air Maroc Oerated by Atlas Blue" is going to carry the name of Royal Air Maroc only.
* Atlas Blue launch two new routes between Spain and Morocco (1/01/08) News: Read all Atlas Blue news Add to: Digg Add to: Del.icio.
Atlas BlueThe first Moroccan low-cost airline. Atlas Blue is a Moroccan low cost airline fully-owned by Royal Air Maroc (RAM).
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The airline Atlas Blue was founded in 2004 in Morocco. Atlas Blue's fleet comprises of 6 planes, including the following types Boeing.
Finding your Atlas Blue flight at a low price is very simple: fill in the dates of your journey on jet cost, your low cost flight search engine, and your
Atlas Blue is a low-cost airline based in Morocco.
View the full size photo! Atlas blue CN-RMX Boeing 737-4B6 London Gatwick Airport - EGKK Aircraft: Atlas blue Boeing 737-4B6 Location:
We're flying with Atlas Blue in August (Gatwick to Marrakech) and I've also been worried about things I've heard regarding cancellations, unhelpful staff etc.
Atlas Blue waits for fleet decision, AIR = Moroccan low-cost carrier Atlas Blue plans to harmonise its fleet by 2010, with a decision
Atlas Blue is great in that it flies directly to most places I want to go at reasonable rates.
(8A) Atlas Blue Information - Carrier Name: (8A) Atlas Blue Carrier Logo:
Royal Air Maroc (RAM) subsidiary, Atlas Blue has begun operating charter flights between Morocco and Europe.
Atlas Blue, a Moroccan LCC, took delivery of its first B737-800 on 12-Jun-06.
Low cost airline Atlas Blue is introducing a carbon offsetting programme so environmentally conscious passengers can pay to offset their emissions.
existing order book to Atlas Blue, a subsidiary of Royal Air Maroc. Deliveries of the aircraft are scheduled for 2011.
Atlas Blue es una Compañía aérea de bajo coste con base en Marrakech, Marruecos. Es una subsidiaria de Royal Air Maroc y opera servicios chárter y regulares entre Marruecos y destinos europeos.
from its existing order book to Atlas Blue, a subsidiary of Royal Air Maroc. Deliveries of the aircraft are scheduled for 2011.