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Country: Faroe Islands

Facts about Atlantic Airways

Atlantic Airways result in Q2 was a deficit of DKK 1.5 million, but the company would have posted profit if the cost related to the ash cloud is...
Atlantic Airways (OMX: FO-AIR) is the national airline of the Faroe Islands, operating domestic helicopter services and international passenger services as well as search and rescue responsibilities from
Atlantic Airways mission is to provide the best pilot training, aircraft rental, and corporate aircraft management - to meet your aviation goals.
Atlantic Airways' flight focus is based around trans-atlantic flights and connecting the United States and Europe together.
Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited (operating as Virgin Atlantic) is a British airline owned by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group (51%) and Singapore Airlines (49%).
Atlantic Airways had a difficult beginning from the time that the Danish authorities issued a license for a local Faroese operation in 1976.
Virgin Atlantic Airways is not currently hiring pilots.
British and brash, Virgin Atlantic Airways is a leading player in Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group collection of branded companies.
In this photo taken by Feature Photo Service for Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd: Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines, right, poses with the band INXS, who performed at a private party for delegates to the National Business Travel Association convention...
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Virgin Atlantic Airways, usually known as Virgin Atlantic, is the airline of Richard Branson's Virgin Group.
Virgin Atlantic Airways has unveiled a new aircraft livery and brand identity for the airline.
Boeing 747-400 from Virgin Atlantic Airways at Ringway/Manchester Intl Airport by Simon Lowe Boeing 747-400 from Virgin Atlantic Airways at Ringway/Manchester Intl Airport by Simon LoweEnglish Rose departing
The formation of Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984 began a tense relationship with BA.
services of Virgin Atlantic Airways, Option of Extending Your Stay up to 10 Nights in London! Qty Available: 1 - 8 End Date: 9/07 4:00 PM
mid-Atlantic! We hope you discover that Atlantic Airways can make your aviation dreams come true! We founded Atlantic Airways on the principals of aviation safety and professionalism.
 Flights to the Faroe Islands - Atlantic Airways was founded in November 1987 and operates one aircraft, a BAc 146-200 which seats 85 passengers.
Boeing 747-400 from Virgin Atlantic Airways at Ringway/Manchester Intl Airport by Simon Lowe English Rose departing rwy 24L.
Atlantic Airways is the national carrier of The Faroe Islands and is based at Vagar Airpo Atlantic Flights -
Atlantic Airways, established in 1987, is based at Vagar Airport on the Faroe Islands. In 2008 the airline operates 7 BAe jets and several helicopters.
Atlantic Airways is a virtual airline in the Airline Empires Simulation Game.
Since it was founded twenty-six years ago, Virgin Atlantic Airways has become Britain's second largest airline serving the world's major cities. Virgin Atlantic is the quintessential Virgin story.
the Virgin airlines Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin America and V Australia / Virgin Blue are teaming up to offer each airlines loyalty program
Atlantic Airways was born.
Virgin Atlantic Airways Accelerates Out of Recession With Strong Q1 Sales PR Newswire Jul 30 Comment SOUTH NORWALK, Conn.
Since it was founded in 1984, Virgin Atlantic Airways has become Britain’s second largest carrier serving 30 of the world’s major cities, including New York, Boston, Washington D.C.
* Virgin Atlantic Airways Accelerates Out of Recession With Strong Q1 Sales - SmartBrief30/07/2010 * Virgin, British Airways Boost Fares as Business Flyers Return
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