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Airbus France Agrees on Pay Hike, Bonuses for Staff05/13/2010 Airbus France has agreed to pay bonuses of EUR 500 to employees and to increase remuneration.
The change in legal structure at Airbus France will be carried out in the coming months, the Airbus spokesman said, adding that other changes would be made to also restore equity at other national Airbus
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Airbus France and Airbus Spain The Aeronautical Technologies Centre (CTA), located in the north of Spain, has signed up two new contracts to carry out aeronautical test
About 16 000 employees are working in AIRBUS France and 55 000 for all AIRBUS. AIRBUS FRANCE Manufacturing is structured into manufacturing units where Airbus aircraft are designed, built, assembled and tested.
* Airbus France: la direction propose de rouvrir la négociation * Vers la fin du conflit salarial à Airbus France * Airbus France:
AIRBUS FRANCE SAS, one of the four wholly-owned subsidiaries of AIRBUS SAS (an EADS joint company with BAE Systems) is a limited liability company (société par actions simplifiée) duly
Airbus France will produce some of the fuselage panels traditionally made in Germany.