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Call Sign : RED DRAGON
Country: United Kingdom

Facts about Air Wales

Air Wales ATR42 parked at Cardiff International Airport, Wales (2004). The tailfin of an Air Wales ATR 42 aircraft displaying a Welsh Dragon (2004).
The Air Wales site is unique in that it contains details and information, along with a bit of history, of every single UK airport; from the major players such
My mother in law and myself flew with Air Wales in March 2005 and found the flight very good. As we live in Cornwall, the flight from Plymouth to Cardiff was ideal for us.
View the full size photo! Air Wales G-CDFF ATR 42-300 Dublin - EIDW Aircraft: Air Wales ATR 42-300 Location:
Air Wales (Welsh: Awyr Cymru) is an airline based in Swansea, Wales. It is the national airline of Wales and operates scheduled regional services.
Air Wales (Awyr Cymru) was an airline based at Cardiff International Airport in Rhoose, Vale of Glamorgan.
Air Wales to cease flying at the end of April Air Wales, the Welsh low-cost airline, has announced that they will stop flying regular passenger services from 23 April
Air Wales - Definition = Air Wales ATR42 at Cardiff Airport, Wales The tailfin of an Air Wales aircraft displaying a .
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Air Wales takes over Scots routes = Premium Article ! = Your account has been frozen.
Air Wales today announces the launch of three new direct domestic air links from Cardiff Airport to Newcastle, Liverpool and Plymouth, which form part of the Airline’s strategic development plan to
The service I received from Air Wales was very impressive.
I feel terribly sad that Air Wales' service is being discontinued, and I've never enjoyed two flights as much as I've enjoyed these.
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This follows the announcement that Air Wales is to end scheduled passenger flights from Cardiff International Airport, with the loss of 80 jobs.
Air Wales was formerly a low-cost airline, but is no longer operating flights.
Air Wales has announced a new route between Dublin and Cork, starting on April 28.
vacated following Air Wales’ decision to shut down its scheduled services. The airport says Irish regional Aer Arran, which had already announced services to ...
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Air Wales provided air services from its base in Cardiff. The airline ceased operations in April 2006. .
G-SSEA newly delivered (10/2003) to Air Wales (more of G-SSEA) - Planepictures.net Administration/Realisation: Ingo Richardt, 45881 Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Air Wales ATR-42, G-WLSH seen taxing at Dublin Air Wales ATR-42, G-WLSH seen taxing at Dublin = Browse Media
Greens were right all along Air Wales decision supports Green Party view Air Wales has pulled out of Swansea airport after over two years of sustained protest from Wales Green Party.
Air Wales permission to operate a single charter flight into their airport carrying members of the Assembly Government.
The move comes weeks after Air Wales first announced it was to operate the low-cost service from Norwich International airport.
Air Wales Jobs Situation For Pilots last update Current Situation: F/O`s being laid off due to uncertainty. Command course cancelled.
Air Wales was established in January 1997 with the assistance of property financier Roy Thomas and started operations in January 2000.