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Facts about Air Midwest

Air Midwest was founded in Wichita, Kansas, in May 1965 by Gary Adamson as Aviation Services, Inc.
Air Midwest publicly apologized for the incident after the family of crash victim Christiana Grace Shepherd pressured the airline to do so.
Advertisement | ad info Image: Air Midwest at Prescott airport AP Prescott, Ariz.
Relationship with Air Midwest and Raytheon Aerospace On-site management and oversight Training Questioned by: Stephen Carbone, Bill Bramble
1900 turboprops into Air Midwest, completing the consolidation in 2000. It embarked on a plan to reequip with jet aircraft.
Midwest: Air Midwest would expand by acquiring routes in Arkansas to complement its existing routes in the midwest.
The fatal crash of Wichita-based Air Midwest's Flight 5481 in early January will be the focus of...
Air Midwest is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mesa Air Group.
Air Midwest, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mesa Air Group, will begin shutting down its passenger services later this week.
Air Midwest (ZV) based in United States = Flag of Air Midwest Air Midwest, Inc.
Air Midwest now use an average weight of 200 pounds per passenger, but the NTSB suggests that airlines use actual weights instead of average. 70% of small air carriers still use average.
Topics: Jazz, Air Midwest, American Eagle, Colorado Springs Jazz Launches New Halifax Service Air Canada Jazz will launch new twice daily non-stop service between Gander
Air MidWest Flight 5481 4 of 4 * Being short can sometimes increase your life expectancy:)
- The rejection from Air Midwest came swiftly on a one-page fax. The carrier couldn't afford to fly to the mountain community of Prescott anymore, officials said.
An announcement Wednesday by Air Midwest that it will start shutting down air service next week to 13 cities, including Joplin, has sent government officials and airlines hustling to get new
* Air Midwest Expands Midwest Airlines Codeshare in Kansas City to Six Additional Cities! * Midwest Airlines Enhances Los Angeles and Tampa Service As Part
not mistaken, Air Midwest/Mesa ground staffs it's own flights in the tiny PA/WV markets and in the KS markets, as does Colgan in New England.
Air Midwest Flight 5481 Crash in Charlotte, North Carolina = The family of Christiana Grace Shepherd, the last family to settle a wrongful death claim stemming from the Air
the California communities where Air Midwest is pulling out, a statement was made that Mesa was getting out of the small turboprop aircraft and concentrating on their small jet services.
, is without air service after Air Midwest stopped flying there, saying it couldn't afford to fly to the mountain community about 100 miles outside Phoenix. Prescott, Ariz.
The planned liquidation of Air Midwest, a unit of the Mesa Air Group, caps years of effort to make that 1900D operation profitable.