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Original source: DC10-30 à Paris-Orly - Février 2003 - photo Mr Mehdi OUICI
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Country: France

Facts about Air Liberté

Air Liberté (later known as Air Lib) was an airline in France founded in July 1987. Air Liberté was headquartered in Rungis. Airlib was headquartered in Orly Airport Building 363 in Paray-Vieille-Poste.
* 1987: Air Liberté is founded.
1987: Air Liberté is founded. 1990: Air Outre Mer begins flying; Club Med acquires a 50 percent stake in Minerve and Air Liberté.
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Air Liberté was part of the Groupe AOM which had to file for bankruptcy on June 15th, 2001.
French regional airlines AOM and Air Liberté have escaped the jaws of bankruptcy through their purchase by an Air France pilot.
Air Liberté was a former British Airways franchise that merged with AOM to become Air Lib, an airline now out of business.
protest against TAT and Air Liberté's merger and the imposition of Air Liberté's lower working conditions on traditionally high-cost TAT. At presstime the strikes had been running for 17 days.
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Already Air Liberté is showing the characteristic flamboyance of its president, Lofti Belhassine, who says that by July the carrier aims to have launched 23 new domestic French
Given that Air Liberté is requesting only limited authority to place American's code on Air Liberté flights within France and not requesting any authority to operate services to or
Captain - Voice identified as Air Liberté Captain (left seat) First Officer - Voice identified as Air Liberté First Officer (right seat) ATC
The airline Air Liberté was founded in in France. Air Liberté's fleet comprises of 53 planes, including the following types Airbus, ATR, Boeing, Fokker, McDonnell Douglas.
par Mohamed Hassad, Air Liberté ou pas, se renforce en continuant son chemin dans le cadre d'une stratégie visible et prometteuse, pour pouvoir relever demain le défi de la libéralisation du ciel.
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Established in 1989 as Air Liberté Tunisie, the airline was recapitalized as Nouvelair Tunisia and now serves 1.5 million passengers yearly.
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