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Call Sign : AIR KORYO
Country: Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Facts about Air Koryo

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EU blacklist Air Koryo is on the List of airlines banned within the EU Related airlines: » CAAK became Air Koryo in 1993 Air Koryo-
(조선민항), short form Air Koryo) is the state-owned national airline of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, based in Pyongyang.
Khanggong)), short for Air Koryo) is the state-owned national flag carrier airline of North Korea, headquartered in Sunan-guyŏk, Pyongyang.
Air Koryo serves the following destinations (as of March 2010): Remarks: * served by both Air Koryo (pax) and Air Koryo (cargo).
Air Koryo has been on the EU's blacklist of airlines failing to meet international safety standards since the list was first put together in 2006.
I previously noted that Air Koryo received one star from the Skytrax rating service, a score which denotes “very poor standards of product across all travel categories.
In the same year, Air Koryo's cargo division performed another great mission.
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Welcome to Air Koryo, the virtual airline of North Korea. Air Koryo is currently under development. 고려항공은 현재 개발 중에 있습니다.
Air Koryo usually never has problems landing in their home base, so if you need to be sure to arrive, better take Air Koryo.
The airline Air Koryo was founded in 1954 in North Korea. Air Koryo's fleet comprises of 14 planes, including the following types Antonov, Ilyushin, Tupolev.
AIR KORYO : official 1-Star Ranking of Product and Service Quality - 1 Star Airline Official Star Ranking LONG HAUL
AIR KORYO review : 29 September 2008 : by Per Nilsson Customer Rating : 4/5 4 Star Rating Round trip PEK-FNJ. New Tupolev plane.
Air Koryo Korean Airways is the national airline of North Korea, based in Pyongyang. It is wholly owned by the Government of Korea.
Pyongyang A/P NK TU-154 Air Koryo reg: P-551 Flt:152 Landed long in dense smog and rain and overran runway by a very large amount nil Arr fm Beijing. Nose-gear mount...
In fact, Air Koryo is the chief airline operating from the North Korean airport.
Air Koryo or Air Koryo Korean Airways is the national airline of Korea. It is state-owned and provides scheduled and charter flights to international destinations.
Dreamstime Air Koryo is a Korean airlines and its full form is Air Koryo Korean Airways.
Contact Air Koryo at korea@korea-dpr.com to arrange your reservations. This is the only way to book directly through the airline.
airline, Air Koryo, with which it hopes to operate services to fellow Axis of Evil rogue states.
Air Koryo is responsible, on behalf of the state for all civilian aviation in the country, including the operation of all airports.
Air Koryo Airlines has flights that serve the following cities/airports: Please note: this list only includes Air Koryo Airlines and not any code-share or partner
View the full size photo! Air Koryo P-881 Ilyushin IL-62M Beijing Capital - ZBAA Aircraft: Air Koryo Ilyushin IL-62M Location:
Welcome to the official webpage of Air Koryo, the national airline of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Air Koryo Official Webpage
in on Air Koryo business class (if available), accomodation is in the best rooms in the best hotels that the DPRK has to offer, and the itinerary will allow you to have the
Air Koryo now has just three regularly scheduled international routes. Domestic service is said to be virtually nonexistent.
cheaply due to poor sales of the model, also Air Koryo is a company run for profit after all (even if it doesn’t make any, subsidising airlines would hardly be unique to
Air Koryo Ilyushin IL-18 P-836 morning arrival 36R - nice to see this old lady still in service.
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video! Sorry! A tribute to Air Koryo of North Korea, voted the Worlds Worst Airline! This airline is literally illegal in many countries due to the lack of safety! In Europe, the