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Facts about Air Exel

Air Exel was an airline based in Maastricht in the Netherlands. It was a scheduled regional carrier operating domestic and international services.
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Air Exel was a regional airline with seat in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Main basis of the airline was Eindhoven.
Air Exel Netherlands Jobs Situation For Pilots last update Current Situation: Company folded completly today (7 april 05) Everybody fired.
from Air Exel ending their operations on December 17 1991 and long after the company was declared bankrupt on February 4 1998.
Air Exel is a Dutch carrier which has established a special exclusive marketing arrangement with its strategic partner, KLM, which includes extensive codesharing operations, shared groundhandling, common
Ticket holders for Air Exel flights from Eindhoven have been advised to ring the airport on 040 2919 818 for more information.
association between KLM and Air Exel Netherlands was established. Top stores winkies.com $20.85 $17.99-$20.
Air Exel Netherlands information = Known as: Air Exel Netherlands Name: Air Exel Netherlands B.V.
route, adding the code of Northwest to Air Exel's service for the purpose of transporting Northwest's U.S.-originating and U.S.-destined traffic. Codeshare service will begin on March 28,1999.
Air Exel was a fast growing regional multiple-hub O&D-operator and facing the challenges of the expansion, it had to enhance the Network Development Process.
Air Exel was a regional airline based in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
Air Exel founder Roberto Stinga has proposed rescuing the bankrupt carrier should he be able to secure interest from a willing co-investor.
Air Exel is a Dutch company that operates in Europe and is aggressively pursuing routes in the Caribbean.
Air Exel Netherlands in Beek, an airline subsidiary in the regular line service division of the group.
association between KLM and Air Exel Netherlands was established.
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