Call Sign : WEST TOGO
Country: Togo

Facts about Africa West

With more than 12 years of experiment Africa west is one of the leader in the carriage of goods OHG on Africa. Flexibility, reactivity, with an identity specific to the companies with human size.
Africa West is an all cargo airline, member of IATA, and operating freighters on a scheduled basis to destinations in West Africa.
Africa West Mining Corporation
All About West Africa West Africa in One Site! Peeplo.com/West+Africa 4.
Another Great Africa West Festival held on June 13 & 14 = Spanning two summer Oklahoma days in June, Africa West 2009 brought in culture, education and
North Africa west of Egypt, more commonly referred to nowadays by the Arabic term Maghreb.
variously termed Magreb (= North Africa west of Egypt), Soudan (= Land of Blacks & not modern Sudan) or the Sahara, the latter particularly may almost require a leap of the imagination
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