Call Sign : AEROLINE
Country: Nigeria

Facts about Aero Contractors

Aero Contractors (Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd) or simply "Aero" is an airline based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Founded in 1959, Aero Contractors is an established Nigerian airline that offers both domestic and international flights.
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Currently, Aero Contractors offers an absolute series of aviation services. They comply with the European Joint Aviation Requirements (J.A.R.
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Aero Contractors (Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd) or simply "Aero" is an airline based in Lagos, Nigeria.
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Aero Contractors in my view is a budget airline only that it is not so-called.
Based on BBB files, Aero Contractors has a BBB Rating of NR . Reasons for this rating include: * This business is not currently rated.
Virgin Nigeria and Aero Contractors increase flights within Nigeria - Wednesday, December 21st, 2005 Following the recent crashes and subsequent groundings of airlines that
Aero Contractors (Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Ltd)is an airline based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Lagos-based Aero Contractors (Aero) is a Nigerian airline offering scheduled passenger and charter services to destinations in Nigeria and surrounding regions.
"indictment" to Aero Contractors Ltd, a tenant at Kinston's Global TransPark, a state-subsidized transportation and manufacturing park.
Aero Contractors’ Involvement in Kidnap and Torture - * E-mail * Share
Aero Contractors, one of Nigeria 's leading airlines has increased its flight frequency on the Lagos_Accra route to two daily with a Boeing 737-500.
to freeze the accounts of Aero Contractors of Nigeria which has created a commercially untenable situation for the helicopter company.
Aero Contractors will be flying to Libreville twice a week but is looking to increase this frequency.
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survivors linked to Aero Contractors' operations in support of extraordinary rendition. ### Please report broken links or other concerns.
Aero Contractors Airline and Oceanic Bank Plc in Abuja today to resolve the face-off over debts owed the bank by the airline.
* Accra, Kotoka (ACC) Operated by Aero Contractors Nigeria;Virgin Nigeria Airways Route info page flagGrenada: * Grenada, Point Saline Intl (GND)
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Aero Contractors has a position available for a twin engine aircraft light to medium category fixed wing aircraft. Flying both domestic and international operations.
to disburse funds to Aero Contractors on their expired credit facility with the bank will amount to putting depositors’ funds at risk.
Aero Contractors was funded in 1979 by Jim Rhyne, ex pilot of the Air America, a .... back to the owner airline and its head office.
Judge gives jail time to protesters of Aero Contractors in Smithfield — unless they pay fines and serve probation The News & Observer Peggy Lim, Staff Writer
pilot’ is the listing in Dun and Bradstreet - Aero Contractors is in fact a major domestic hub of the Central Intelligence Agency’s secret air service.