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Call Sign : ADAM SKY
Country: Indonesia

Facts about Adam Air

Adam Air was founded in 2002 by Agung Laksono, a well-known Indonesian businessman and the speaker of Indonesia's House of Representatives, and Sandra Ang.
Pada 9 November 2006, Adam Air menerima penghargaan Award of Merit dalam the Category Low Cost Airline of the Year 2006 dalam acara 3rd Annual Asia Pacific and Middle East Aviation Outlook Summit di
aircraft operated by Adam Air after the fuselage of one of the planes cracked during a hard landing.
Safety, also known to most of the Adam Air family as Captain Robby, has been a part of the airline business since 1963.
Adam Air (KI) based in Indonesia = Flag of Adam Air Adam Air, (incorporated as PT.
Adam Air is a discount regional airlines company in Indonesia started in 2002.
Indonesian carrier Adam Air is in the news again, after all seven of its B737-300 aircraft were grounded by the country's aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Air Communications
Safety concerns at Adam Air cited after three major accidents in one year - Advertisement | ad info updated 3/18/2008 2:05:27 PM ET * Share
Indonesian budget carrier Adam Air has grounded six Boeing 737-300 planes for safety inspections after the fuselage of one of its aircraft cracked during a hard landing, an airline official
This B737-400 in standard Adam Air livery is comparable to the aircraft involved in all the accidents and incidents mentioned in this story. Adam Air is currently grounded and may have its license permanently revoked. Image: Arisdp.
Debris from Adam Air jet found Adam Air logoThe BBC is reporting that debris from the Adam Air B737-400 that went missing on New Year's Day has been found
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airplane in Adam Air's fleet or actually the fleet is not as new as I’ve expected.
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* Adam Air hits severe financial problems; may be shut down in three weeks * Adam Air may be shut down after string of accidents
Juanda, terakhir kontak dengan pesawat Adam Air ketika pesawat berada di atas perairan Masalembu pukul 14.07. Sebelumnya pilot sempat menanyakan cuaca setempat.
Reuters file An Adam Air plane takes off at Makassar airport on Indonesia's Sulawesi island earlier this month.
Adam Air dapat menarik kembali uang jaminannya di kantor cabang perwakilan Adam Air di seluruh Indonesia. Related posts: 1.
Adam Air flight KI 574, in which 96 passengers and six crew were travelling from Surabaya, East Java to Manado, North Sulawesi on January 1st 2007, crashed somewhere off the
Adam Air has denied the allegations and has taken legal action against the defecting pilots in a Jakarta court.
Adam Air Flight KI-574 as it plunged into the sea off Sulawesi on January 1, 2007, were formally released in Jakarta on Tuesday, March 25, 2008.
that the Adam Air plane crashed in the Polewali region of Sulawesi island — acknowledged the error late Tuesday and apologized.
Adam Air is known to have put many junior flight attendants on a gruelling roster and place them as Pursers/CA1 within 6 months
While an Adam Air jetliner had plunged into the sea on New Year's Day, killing 102 people, in February, one of Adam Air's planes broke in half on a hard
Adam AirAdam Air was founded in 2002 by two persons, a well-known Indonesian businessman called Agung Laksono and a lady called Sandra Ang.
Adam Air “has a problem with the contract with GECAS leasing company”, he says.
* Adam Aircraft receive $105 million in funding for A500 and A700 * Adam Aircraft suspends activities at Utah factory, lays off 300
Adam Air flights starting Wednesday because it says the discount airliner "failed to implement quality standards for its aircraft." art.adam.gi.
Adam Air was one of dozens of new airlines to emerge in Indonesia after it deregulated its aviation industry in the 1990s.
Sunday January 14, 2007An Adam Air flight went missing in Indonesia on January 1. International search and rescue teams are involved to find out where the aircraft is and what happened.
2007 New Year's Day Adam Air crash and the March Garuda crash in Yogyakarta.
Adam Air to Undergo Safety Audit Regular Schedule of Government Safety Audits Accelerated for Indonesian Airlines with Poor Safety Records.
Officials Fear Adam Air Plane Carrying 102 Crashed in Indonesia After Sending Distress Signal = Monday, January 01, 2007 * Print