Call Sign : MILE-AIR
Country: United States

Facts about 40-Mile Air

40-Mile Air is an American regional airline based in Alaska, USA. It operates charter hunting flights and limited domestic passenger service. Its base is Tok Junction Airport.
40-MILE AIR for your wilderness transportation needs.
40-Mile Air's Tentative Financial Projection Representative: Lief Wilson, General Manager, 40-Mile Air, Ltd. - 40-Mile Air Ltd.
Hunt with 40-Mile Air for safe, successful hunting in the eastern Interior of Alaska.
40-Mile Air offers scheduled air service to Tok on Mon., Wed., and Fri. departing from Fairbanks International Airport at 2:00PM. That rate is $170.00 one-way fare with 70# allowable baggage.
the experts at 40-MILE AIR for your wilderness transportation needs.
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Wilson's 40-Mile Air, based in Tok, Alaska, would have gotten more money if his four two-seat planes could fit more than the pilot, one hunter and 70 pounds of
40-Mile Air already does and it has proven effective.