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Call Sign : NEXTIME
Country: South Africa

Facts about 1Time Airline

Johannesburg — 1TIME airline traded well in the six months to June, but its subsidiary, Safair Technical, produced disappointing results.
1Time airlines is one of 3 low cost airlines operating in South Africa (Mango & Kulula airlines are the other two).
1time Airline is the second largest low-fare private airline in South Africa (by domestic market share).
1time Airline company is a Regional company that offers Low Cost flights and began in South Africa in 2004.
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1Time Airlines is a low-cost airline based in Gauteng, South Africa. It operates scheduled regional and domestic services.
1Time Airline is the budget carrier from Johannesburg operating low cost flights to airports within South Africa and Zanzibar.
The 1time Airline’s design has proven to be successful with 1time carrying its 10000th passenger a mere 20 days into operation and the 50000th on its 66th day of
1Time Airline covers a variety of travel needs within South Africa.
1Time Airline was started in a bid to help South Africans travel to their destination in comfort, but also be able to afford it.
1TIME airline traded well in the six months to June = By admin – August 30, 2010Posted in: travel news1time-plane
1time Airline is contacting the Press Ombudsman with regards to The Heralds false reporting and will also take the matter up legally if need be.
1Time Airline takes Kulula to the Competition Tribunal: Glenn Orsmond – group CEO, 1Time Airline = Interviewer
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1time airline's cheapest daily flight prices in December 2010 (not an official flight special).